If you own a car in Florida, there’s no two ways about it, you need insurance. Even the best drivers out there need coverage because it’s the law. After all, you can’t help what other people do meaning you could very well end up in an accident despite it not being your fault. Without insurance, you’re not walking away from the issue without other problems coming with it. So keep reading as we explore some of the basics of Florida auto insurance.

Umbrella Coverage

Florida auto insurance from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-auto-insurance/ actually consists of a dozen or so different types of coverage. Like just about all things related to insurance, you can always find a way to spend more money if you want to. But the very least you need is umbrella coverage or umbrella liability coverage.

This basic form of Florida auto insurance ensures that if you’re in some kind of accident, you’ll have the coverage to take care of the bill. Obviously, without everyone carrying this type of insurance, we’d have a lot of issues anytime there was an accident. If you hit my car and can’t pay for it, I’m the one left holding the bag.

Three Prices

When you’re given a quote for Florida auto insurance, it will often come in the form of 3 numbers. In fact, if you have insurance for your car already, you might be familiar with the practice. The format is xx/xx/xx.

The first of the 3 numbers is how much your insurance provider is willing to pay out to each person who was hurt in an accident you were involved in. You don’t count though.

The next number is how much your provider will cover in the event of an accident. This number isn’t a running total though. It would get reset each time you got into an accident.

Lastly, the final number is the amount the provider will reinstate you for any type of property damage you suffered based on an accident.

The above 3 descriptions are, admittedly, a bit vague. But that’s because each provider will be different. So be sure you have them go over exactly what each number represents before signing anything. And, also these numbers are all in thousands of dollars.

Other Types of Insurance

As we mentioned there are a number of different Florida auto insurance categories you may be interested in investing in. One is collision and comprehensive. It covers you in the event that someone hits your car. However, because your car can get damaged more than one way, comprehensive pays out for things like break ins, floods, sires and more.

You also may want insurance for uninsured drivers. We also touched on this earlier. If you get into an accident for one, there’s a very good chance they’ll be costing you money because of their lack of insurance. However, this form covers for that eventuality.

If you’re a Floridian with a car, you need to have Florida auto insurance from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-auto-insurance/ to avoid costly penalties. However, if you’ve been putting it off because of how complicated it can be, hopefully this article helps.