Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive about deals featured on YouSwoop. Unless stated otherwise in The Fine Print section of the deal, these answers apply to all Swoops.

  • Not valid for cash back (unless required by law).
  • Must use in one visit.
  • Tax and gratuity are not included (please tip on pre-Swoop’s good karma).
  • Cannot be used on specials, other offers, insurance or other Swoops.
  • All Swoops are subject to availability (if an appointment is needed, be sure to book it well in advance of the expiration).
  • Swoop valid for dine-in only (for restaurant Swoops).
  • Can’t use until one business day after purchase.
  • If your Swoop is subject to weather, weather cancellations do not entitle you to a refund.
  • Swoops bought for self use can be gifted to others.
  • Bonus discounts must be used at time of redemption.
  • Parking costs are your responsibility if a merchant travels to you.

How long after I make my purchase will I receive my Swoop Certificate?

You’ll receive your Swoop Certificate in your online account the next business day after the Swoop sale ends on our site. We’ll send you an email when it’s ready for print and redemption.

Can I buy Swoops as gifts?

Absolutely! During the buy process you can personalize the Swoop for the person you’re gifting it to by clicking the “Personalize Swoop” check box to add the gift recipients name (Note: Be sure to pay attention to any purchase limits in the fine print).

Some features say ‘100% cash-back purchase protection for this Swoop.’ What’s this mean?

For features with this clause, if for whatever reason the merchant, prior to the expiration of the promotional value, does not honor your purchase per the deal’s terms, instead of the typical refund in the form of site credit, we’ll give you a cash refund instead. We are unable to provide any sort of refund or credit after the expiration of the promotional value.

Refund Policy

Once you’ve confirmed and placed your order it is final and there are no credit card refunds. This isn’t to say that we won’t do what we can to keep you a happy Swooper.

For Swoop experiences in which a “100% satisfaction guarantee” is posted, you have 48 hours from the start time of the event to request a refund. Thereafter, we will not be able to honor requests.

Can I use my Swoop on specials/discounted items?

Unless otherwise said in the fine print of the offer, you should assume no. From time to time,however,  you may be in luck as sometimes merchants are cool letting Swoopers apply the Swoop towards an item on special.

Can I share my Swoop or rollover the balance of a Swoop?

Unless otherwise said in the fine print Swoops are one per person and do not hold a balance. For certain Swoops, they may hold a balance that the business will track on their end.

Expiration of the Swoop

Please take note that the expiration of the Swoop is the last date you’re able to redeem the promotional value of the Swoop (that is, the last date you’ll be able to get the sweet sweet discount you’ve purchased). Oftentimes you’ll need to make reservations well in advance to ensure you’re able to redeem on or before the expiration date of the Swoop. Don’t procrastinate!

Can I use restaurant Swoops for alcohol?

Unless prohibited by law or stated in the fine print, most definitely! And, of course, you’ve gotta be 21 or over to drink.

How much should I tip?

Please tip on the pre-Swoop price.

Tips on ensuring you activate your Swoop in time so it doesn’t expire

If you buy multiple Swoops for self use and each Swoop is good for multiple sessions, it is not possible to activate a Swoop until the preceding Swoop is fully redeemed. By way of example, if you purchase 2 Swoops and each Swoop is valid for 6 laser hair removal sessions, you need to redeem all six sessions from your first Swoop before you can activate the second Swoop (to activate the second Swoop, you need to use at least one session from that Swoop). The solution: be sure to pay close attention to the activation date if you are using more than 1 swoop for yourself or give away your second/third/fourth Swoop to friends prior to the activation expiration date! If a merchant ever advises you otherwise, please call us right away as we will remind the merchant about this term and condition.

No-show / cancellation policy / tardiness

Swoops requiring a reservation are subject to the business’s cancellation policies–if none are in place, reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid the the forfeiture of your Swoop. Furthermore, if you no-show or show up late for a scheduled appointment/reservation, your Swoop will automatically be forfeited.

The fine print says “Limit 1 per person” and “May buy multiples as gifts.” Does this mean I can buy   Swoops and gift them to myself and/or have my friends gift me the Swoop I’ve already purchased?

No. If the fine print says this, you can only redeem one. If you buy more than one or are gifted one you’ve already purchased, then you have to give them away as gifts to other people.