What is YouSwoop?

We’re Chicago’s daily dealmaker. Each day we offer one incredible deal to a great local business. Once the offer has been announced, it’s up to you to swoop in and grab it before it’s gone. There’s no gimmick…no bait and switch…no group purchase requirements. Just an unbelievable deal!


How soon will I be billed for my purchase?

Immediately. The charge on your credit card statement will be under the name YouSwoop.

How will the YouSwoop charge look on my credit card statement?

The purchase will show up on your credit card bill as ‘YouSwoop.’

Is YouSwoop safe?

We are extremely safe. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.

How soon can I redeem my purchased Swoop?

Unless otherwise stated in the fine print, your Swoop Certificate is deposited into your online account the next business day after the Swoop runs on our site. We’ll send you an email when it’s ready for print and redemption.

Does my purchased Swoop have a promotional expiration date?

Each Swoop has a promotional expiration date on it, typically six or more months from the date of purchase. Make sure to check the fine print on the Swoop for the specific date. (Note: You DO NOT need to use your Swoop the day you purchase it.).

If I don’t use the full value of the Swoop in one visit, can I use the balance later?

Unless otherwise stated in the fine print, your Swoop Certificate is valid for one-time use. That is, use it or lose it. So be sure to bring a group of friends along when redeeming your Swoop!

Can I combine my Swoop with other offers or specials?

Unless otherwise stated in the fine print, Swoops CANNOT be combined with any other offers or specials. Offers or specials include: insurance, discounts, coupons, other gift cards, promotions, etc.

Does the Swoop cover tax or tip?

No. Think of a Swoop like a gift certificate, tax and tip are not included. Remember, it is always encouraged to tip on the pre-Swoop price!

Can I buy Swoops as gifts?

Absolutely! Swoops make great gifts! Unless otherwise specified, you can buy an unlimited number of Swoops for your friends and family. To add a nice touch, you have the option to customize the name on the Swoop Certificate. (See the final purchase page for instructions.)

If I didn’t personalize a Swoop Certificate and it’s under my name, can I still give it to a friend to use?

Yes indeed! But keep in mind that once a Swoop Certificate has been redeemed, you can’t use it again. So, make sure to keep your certificates away from thieving roommates.

Have I already used my certificate?

Once you use your certificate be sure to mark it as used in your YouSwoop account. If you don’t recall if you’ve already used your Swoop, feel free to call the business and ask!


Can I return a purchased Swoop?

Once you’ve confirmed and placed your order it is final (sorry, no credit card refunds). This isn’t to say that we won’t do what we can to keep you happy. If you feel like an account credit is in order, please email us we’ll see what we can do for you.

In the unlikely situation that a merchant does not properly honor your Swoop, we’ll be sure to credit your account with the same dollar amount used for the original purchase. You’ll see this credit in the form of ‘Rewards Points’ at a rate of 40 points for every dollar you spent on the non-redeemable Swoop Certificate.

I was charged more than once for a Swoop, what can I do?

Email and we’ll take care of it!

What happens if a business closes down before I am able to redeem my Swoop?

We guarantee that you will be able to redeem your Swoop certificate according to our terms and confitions. In the unlikely event that a business shuts down, we’ll reimburse you in the form of account credit on your YouSwoop account for the same dollar amount used for the purchase.

How can I get my business on YouSwoop?

Visit YouSwoop For Businesses.


How can I purchase with rewards points?

When logged into your account and purchasing a Swoop, you’ll have the option to use rewards points if you have enough to cover the cost of the entire order. When you don’t have the required number of points to cover the full cost of the purchase, you will not be able to select ‘Rewards Points’ as a method of payment. Rewards points will be deducted from your account upon redemption.

How do I accrue Rewards Points?

For every dollar spent on YouSwoop, you’ll receive one Rewards Point. Rewards Points can then be used to purchase Swoops!

How do I monitor my Rewards Point balance?

When logged into your YouSwoop account, visit the ‘My Swoop Rewards’ page to see the earned Rewards Points and purchase history.

How can I purchase with Rewards Points?

When checking out, simply select ‘pay with Rewards Points’ as the method of payment. The option to pay with Rewards Points is only available when you have enough points to cover the cost of the entire order. Rewards Points will be deducted from your account upon redemption.

The math behind the YouSwoop Rewards Program:

For every dollar you spend on YouSwoop, you’ll receive one point ($1 spent = 1 earned YouSwoop Rewards Point) and every forty points earned converts into $1 of purchasing power on YouSwoop (40 points = $1 of YouSwoop purchasing power). So, if you’ve stockpiled 200 Rewards Points, you’d be able to pay for an order of $5 or less with your points. Nice!!

Do Swoop Rewards Points expire?

Rewards Points don’t expire at this time. However, YouSwoop reserves the right to discontinue the rewards program and expire them at any time. Should the sad, sad day every come that YouSwoop isn’t operating, your points would no longer be worth anything. But we don’t expect that day come!

Account Issues

When I sign in it says I don’t have an account but I receive daily emails. Help?!

This is happening because you’ve not yet created an account with us and are only signed up to receive our emails. To create an account, click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right-hand corner of the site and fill out the new account form. After you’ve created a password, click on the “Create my account” button. And, Voila! You’ve now created your account!

Where is my Swoop Certificate?

To download and print your Swoop Certificate(s), login to your YouSwoop account using your email and password you created. Once you are signed in, click on the “My Account” link at the top right hand corner of the page. You will be redirected to a page with your purchase history where you’ll be able to view, sort, and print your Swoops. Enjoy!