In addition to serving up incredible deals each day, YouSwoop is excited to introduce a new program that will make you money as you help your social and business networks save money.

Here’s the program in a nutshell: as an Ambassador, you’ll make 10% of everything spent by people you refer for their first three months as a YouSwoop member. The more people you invite, the more money you will make.

Tracking Referrals

You can keep track of the money you make by simply checking the referral tracker. It’s updated in real-time and allows you to see your financial progress. See, collecting all those Facebook friends was really worth it.

Getting Paid

YouSwoop will pay you on the 30th of each month, just in time to help pay the rent, put toward that trip to Madagascar, or buy a great new daily Swoop. Click the ‘Payment History’ tab to see a detailed account of your earnings.