Who We Are

Each and every day we work with top local businesses in Chicago to offer you amazing, limited-quantity deals that won’t be found anywhere else. How amazing are these deals? Well, let’s just say that sushi will have a longer shelf life.

Benefits of Signing Up

When you sign up for The Daily Swoop, you’ll be among the first to know what incredible deal is available each day. Then it’s up to you to swoop in and grab it before it’s gone. There’s no gimmick…no bait and switch…no group purchase requirements. Just an unbelievable deal for you to swoop on. Kinda like the ones from these guys https://insurancequote.deals/illinois-homeowners-insurance-quotes/.

Sharing YouSwoop has never been easier

We want to meet your friends and family! We want to offer them great deals! We want to be invited over for dinner! too far? So maybe we’ll just stick with offering you ways to let your friends and family know about our amazing Swoops. Choose your contact method/social network of choice from our handy list, and you can share Swoops with the world.

Did you know that to date, Swoopers have purchased more than 225,000 Swoops and saved more than $19,000,000 at more than 600 Chicago businesses? Thanks to you, we’re able to keep featuring wonderful deals to great local businesses and we’re excited to continue on our mission. Don’t take our word, read the latest YouSwoop craze!

What Customers Say

“YouSwoop is an awesome Daily feature website! They are creative and build strong relationships with the businesses they work with. They provide great ‘swoops’ and the customer service is always helpful if I have any questions about the daily swoop.” – Kaitlin S.

“God bless you, YouSwoop. Without your keen eye for selecting nail salons that I would never had batted an eyelash at, I would have never discovered this truly hidden gem in the North/Clybourn neighborhood (The Nail House).” – Sarah E.

“Excellent Customer Service. They worked hard to find a solution that worked for me, and were consistent in following up with me. If only other companies worked this well then I wouldn’t have to wait on the phone for hours to be redirected to another country only to hear “sorry sir there is nothing we can do for you.”” – Ronald R.

“I love YouSwoop because I am all about deals.. BUT more importantly they are a Chicago company!. – Sarah R.

“What I like about YouSwoop is that they are Chicago-based and have a lot of respect for their customers.” – Nick M

“YouSwoop is now a site I check every morning as part of my routine. I can attest that the customer service at Yourswoop is 100% customer focused!” – Chris B.